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Welcome to Our Solemn Hour
We are a Sci-Fi Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian, Forum Roleplaying Site for the active RPer. Feel free to look around and see if anything makes you wanna stay! Jump in the Discord and say hey, I promise we won't bite...hard.
July Great job with the Event threads guys! We'll be wrapping those up here soon. Keep an eye out around the site, we've been reshuffling and reorganizing.

June The Launch of our first site event: the Reckoning!! Can't wait to see how everyone survives this!

May Welcome to Year 2 of OSH!! This comes with a new skin and our first event starting soon! Don't forget to sign up!!

12/21 We are doing some house cleaning before the new year, new plots for the Can'rus and the Order with some side plots for the world will be coming in January!

10/22 OSH is gearing up for the end of our Youngling Abduction plot and we have big plans as our timeline finally moves out of May! Stayed tuned, you won't want to miss this!

05/01 - 08/31 Our Solemn Hour is hosting a Grand Opening Event to kick us off! Any member who joins and had their first character submitted before August 31st, will receive a free character slot and a nifty badge for their Personal Account. Normally when joining you would get two character spots for free, but anyone who joins during the Event will get three characters upon starting with no need to worry about meeting post requirements. These slots can be used at any time, so long as your first was during the event! So jump in, join the fun, help us make a world!


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